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Anyone who already knows us knows that we stand for modern daycare & school photography

A few years ago we developed a concept that is designed entirely for indoor use.

no pre-made folders

You decide for yourself which photos you want to order in your savings package

protected online gallery

You will receive your personal access code, which you can also pass on to relatives

digital files

Digital files for unlimited possibilities and duplication. Order your own forms, for photo books, gifts, cards....

Environmentally friendly

no production of folders & photos that you do not want and have to be disposed of by the photographer


Registration for the photo day

Here you can register your children for the photo day in the day care center or school.

Access to your photos

Have you received an access code from us? Then you can log in here and browse through your personal online gallery. We hope you enjoy your photos.


The photo day

We take time for the children to develop trust. We do not photograph children who are crying or afraid. Then it might work next time.


price list

Here you will find information about our savings packages and downloads.


Questions & Answers

Why don't I have an access code?

If you entered an incorrect e-mail address when registering, or if you made a typo, the system will not be able to send you an access code. Please contact us. We can help you.

How many photos will be taken of my child?

Every child is different and so are the photos. We are trying to create as many photos as possible in this short time window. However, it can happen that only one or two of 30 pictures are included for the gallery. we make sure that at least one portrait and one full-body photo is included.

Why were no photos taken of my child even though he/she was in daycare that day?

Should we not have photos of your little darling  created, then he/she didn't want to or was even afraid.

We always try to motivate the little ones, but we don't force anyone. We want the children to have fun and enjoy themselves with us. Especially the little ones are sometimes surprised by the flashing lights and have to get used to it first and prefer to watch the other children during the shooting. We ask for your understanding.

Why do I pay a flat-rate shipping fee even though the photos are delivered to the day care center or school?

After years of experience, we always had to process complaints by post. Wrinkled photos, incomplete delivery, etc. In order to relieve our customers of such problems, the photos are first delivered to us by the laboratory after you have placed your order with MISS AVERYN. We check the photos and pack them in photo folders. They will then be delivered to the respective facility as a collective shipment.

Therefore we are forced to charge the flat rate of 2.99 euros. Of course, this does not apply to digital files.

Wie lange werden meine Fotos gespeichert?

Bitte haben Sie dafür Verständnis, dass wir Ihre Fotos aus Speicherplatzgründen maximal 2 Wochen speichern können. Nach diesem Termin werden alle Fotos vom Server gelöscht.

Image by Petri Heiskanen

Partnerlabore für Downloads

Sie haben digitale Dateien erworben? Kluge Entscheidung!

Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl an Partnerlaboren, wo Sie Ihre Fotos im Wunschformat bestellen können.


Bestellen Sie Ihre Fotogeschenke in hoher Qualität.

Fotos in Ihrem Wunschformat, Kalender, Leinwände, Fotobücher 
und vieles mehr.


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